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Digital marketing audit and consulting services

«You can’t get something valuable for free; in the end, this price will be too high for you»
– Gary Bencivenga, world’s greatest copywriter

Nowadays almost every company uses digital marketing and online advertising. At the same time, not every company has its own qualified employees or independent consultants who are responsible for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. That is the reason why web marketing consultants, and especially web analytics consultants, help customers to perform independent audit of their online marketing.

Why is it important to turn to an external digital consultants when it comes to online marketing and SEO promotion? Why is it not enough to rely on a regular advertising agency?

  • Unfortunately, the agency business model allows to provide only a limited level of service, which affects the overall effectiveness and ROI of advertising campaigns;
  • Any advertising agency seeks to cut its costs (including automation, analytics and other costs) when the budget is confirmed or the results of the tender are declared;
  • An agency will never conduct an independent analysis of its advertising campaign, as it is interested only in extending the contract with the customer.

On the other hand the digital audit consultant has a different goal: to make your advertising effective, to make client’s interests a priority for a contractor. Therefore, it is necessary to pay the agency and the web marketing consultant together in order to increase advertising effectiveness and return on investment or advertising spend.

When you turn to Webprofiters for digital marketing consulting services, you immediately delegate important functions to experts with solid experience in the field of online marketing. Here are just a few typical situations where internet marketing consulting services are used:

  • Monthly audit of PPC and social network advertising effectiveness
    In this case, we control your agency’s performance and give recommendations on improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You receive monthly reports on advertising campaign key metrics and on the quality of contractor’s works along with recommendations for improvement. One-time cooperation is also possible, depending on the case and the possibility of achieving a visible result after a single report.
  • Monthly audit of search engine optimization process effectiveness
    In this case, we control your SEO firm’s performance and conduct regular SEO audit. You receive monthly reports on key SEO metrics and on the quality of contractor’s works along with recommendations for improvement and Search Console notifications. One-time cooperation is also possible, depending on the case and the possibility of achieving a visible result after one report.
  • Monthly complete digital marketing audit based on the AARRR?AARRR is a marketing model, which is based on such stages of a customer journey as Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. model: consulting services on pay-per-click ads, SEO, social media marketing, mobile and other types of acquisition, analysis of other stages of customer journey including lead activation, lead nurturing, product/service referral effectiveness and website conversion rate.
    In this case, we control performance of all contractors, conduct regular SEO audits and provide a general report on the effectiveness of all advertising campaigns and website overall efficiency along with growth hacking?Growth hacking — a relatively new field of marketing focused on key metrics growth. As a method, growth hacking appeared in early-stage IT startups that needed exponential growth within short time at small budgets, but since then, it has also reached big companies. The goal of growth hacking strategies is to attract as many customers or clients as possible at the lowest possible cost. A growth hacking team consists of marketers, developers, engineers and product managers who are specifically focused on building and attracting a user audience for a business. recommendations. The report is approximately 50-80 pages.
Data-driven management of budget distribution between channels and agencies
Independent and unbiased opinion about your digital marketing campaigns, budgets and results
Consulting services are performed by Google Analytics certified consultants
Constant “outside perspective” ensures objectivity and independent control

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