Growth Hacking Services Full-stack AARRR-based digital marketing services 

Full-stack aarrr-based digital marketing services

Marketing battles are won or lost at the tactical level,
not the strategic level.
– Jack Trout, world-renowned marketing strategist,
author of influential marketing bestsellers

Full-stack digital marketing implies utilizing all possible advertising areas and channels on the Internet to achieve project goals. The areas where digital marketing is used throughout customer journey include the following phases: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

The most popular channels used to deliver variations of marketing messages to the above-mentioned areas include SEO, pay-per-click advertising, advertising in shopping search on Google, targeted advertising on social media, mobile advertising, RTB display advertising, online PR and reputation marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and lots of other traffic sources.

Tasks we solve

We have been successfully working on digital marketing projects for over 10 years and have obtained rich hands-on experience and real-life skills in internet marketing services. The most common tasks that we solve for our clients are:

1. Lead generation and nurturing during the purchase cycle in B2B

Projects of this kind are typical for service companies and for companies working with businesses, without selling goods directly through the website. In such cases, the first stage is analysis of competitors’ websites and traffic sources; based on the analysis results, we develop the most effective strategy of using digital marketing channels. In the beginning, pay-per-click advertising and SEO are often used; social media advertising and mobile advertising may sometimes be also advisable at this stage. We compile a set of keywords taking into account competitor analysis results, initial client’s data and specific character of SERP for each query.

In many cases, leads generated by the website are not yet quite ready to make a purchase, they require “nurturing” – continuous long-term engagement via emails, popup chat boxes during repeat visits, retargeting in search engines and social media, using messenger bots to initiate communication. We set up such lead nurturing funnels for each project where sales managers feel it necessary, and we provide content/message for these tools.

At the next stage, more complex and expensive tools of client acquisition are added, e.g. behavioral display campaigns through RTB protocol, online PR, social media marketing and other channels. As efficiency of these channels is not always known in advance, we try to take a more conservative approach to the tools, allocating smaller test budgets and tracking cost per lead after going through the funnel. We always work with feedback from the client’s sales department to ensure high quality of generated leads.

2. Using digital marketing to launch a new business or a new product (digital services for start-ups)

Very often, a young company needs to break into the market aggressively, but digital agencies can only offer a rather formal approach: pay-per-click advertising, SEO and other traditional channels. Clearly, in a situation like this, explosive growth of a startup requires serious funding. In some cases, there may be no budgets, but even when they are available, unit economics makes it hard to meet competition in obvious sources (for some topics, cost per click can reach thousands of rubles).

In this situation, it is particularly advisable to run a detailed analysis of websites, traffic and keywords of your competitors, both large-scale and small. Competitor analysis often gives insights that can help you to create your own growth strategy based on sources with lower competition and smaller budgets. These unconventional channels may include mobile apps, social media quizzes, chat bots or specific niches within common tools (contextual and mobile advertising for narrow target audiences, social media lead generation followed by lead nurturing, etc.).

Even most complicated spheres with huge competition (like mass tourism, plastic windows or air conditioning) do not stop us from finding perfect solutions for our clients and keeping cost of generated leads considerably lower even than typical CPC in obvious sources. Unit economics of a startup allows it to accelerate growth later through those channels that have become most competitive due to sources accumulated on earlier stages. In our experience of working with venture funds such strategies are welcomed by investors.

3. Scaling traffic and increasing e-commerce sales rates

Marketing channels engaged by an online store normally include:

  • Shopping search engines (Google Shopping etc.)
  • Search advertising and social media advertising
  • Retargeting in search networks and other advertising networks
  • Search engine optimization
  • Targeted advertising on social media
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Proactive live chats
  • Proactive messenger marketing

Before the project launch, we try to modernize the website for conversion rate optimization. This allows us to provide effective complex digital marketing services: we drive targeted traffic and boost conversion.

Thus, the online marketing services offered by WebProfiters include the following areas and activities:

  • Acquisition
    • Search engine optimization;
    • Lead and/or order generation using pay-per-click advertising in Google search and in search networks;
    • Lead and/or order generation using targeted advertising on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.);
    • Lead and/or order generation using YouTube video advertising;
    • Lead and/or order generation using referral sites (e.g. Quora or Reddit);
    • Social media marketing;
    • Mobile advertising;
    • ASO of your app in AppStore/Google Play;
    • Many other sources of targeted traffic.
  • Activation
    • Visitor onboarding (guiding prospects through your product/website);
    • Email marketing for lead nurturing;
    • Proactive live chat for lead nurturing;
    • Proactive messenger marketing for lead nurturing;
  • Retention
    • Churn analytics and cohort analysis;
    • Email marketing to generate repeat orders;
    • Proactive messenger marketing to generate repeat orders;
  • Referral
    • Analysis of network effect mechanics for product/service competitors;
    • Creating an effective model where clients themselves invite other prospects to use your product/service;
  • Revenue
    • Testing new prices, product tariffs or payment models and measuring their influence on revenues;
    • Sales promotion via merchandising upsell offers at those stages of customer journey where they may reach the highest appeal;
    • Product analytics and conversion probability distribution depending on the product/service cost;
    • Continuous conversion rate optimization.

We select an individual combination of all tools for each project, thus ensuring delivering a customized digital marketing solution for the best achievable result.

Comprehensive approach that utilizes all methods of digital marketing
AARRR-based framework allows to deliver better results
Growth hacking methods to improve conversion rate and acquisition numbers
Convenient monitoring of the project progress with an easy-to-use IT system and in-depth reporting on business results
Projects are performed by Google Analytics certified consultants

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