Growth Hacking Services Marketing audit of the website 

Marketing audit of the website

  • Are you satisfied with the way your website communicates the value of your product/service to visitors?
  • Do many website visitors understand the product message which you want to get across, and become your clients?
  • How do you make your marketing message heard by the prospects that you want to have?

A marketing audit of the website is a crucial tool for direct evaluation of the marketing message, its capability to shape product value and communicate it to the website visitor. Marketing audit helps to increase conversion rate, number of repeat orders and average order value; it also helps to attract the most targeted customers. The audit of marketing messages can be conducted for websites of companies working both with consumers and businesses.

How is the marketing audit performed?

At WebProfiters we start the marketing analysis of a website with the research of your business model, level of competition in the online field, websites and messaging of market leaders. This is the peculiarity of a marketing audit: we do not study technical issues of a website, but we put our efforts into evaluating and enhancing its marketing and content component that communicates product value to customers.

The next stage of the work is connected with web analytics and analysis of qualitative survey data (potential clients’ and website visitors’ feedback). We set and adjust the web analytics system (usually Google Analytics), conduct a survey (usually with UXFeedback) to get visitors’ feedback on content quality and its value communication properties.

A marketing audit of a website also uses heat maps of different webpages and video recordings of visitor sessions that show visitor’s cursor trajectory on various pages of the website (landing page, product cards, ordering process, etc.). These maps provide a visualization demonstrating what content on the webpage is of the most interest for visitors, which, in turn, allows you to manage your content and to make selective changes to increase its effectiveness.

How is “value” created for a website visitor?

The value of a service or a product is not always easy to be described on a website, especially when it comes to its financial aspect – the most important aspect for the business. Using a marketing audit and a strategy based on its results, we can help you create communication techniques for your unique business values expressed directly in dollars or euros. The cost of ownership calculator, non-decision cost calculation, potential profit calculation – these tools placed on your website generate leads and increase your website efficiency. And we can develop such tools for you.

What do you get?

After our marketing audit of your website, you will get:

  • A detailed report on the website analysis with all audit findings;
  • A strategy to improve your product/service value communication on your website;

Do not hesitate to use the received tools; very soon, you will notice the following results:

  • Conversion rate growth;
  • Cost-effectiveness growth of online advertising;
  • Customer acquisition cost reduction;
  • Return visit rate growth.
Audit is performed by Google Analytics Certified consultantsvx
Result-based marketing messaging analysisvx
Vast expertise in numerical value communicationvx

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