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Mathematical modelling and machine learning for business

Nowadays discussions about technologies of mathematical modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence are extremely popular among marketing professionals. Unfortunately not everyone understands what is really meant by these terms and, more importantly, how to apply data analytics for business purposes.

Mathematical modelling is used to describe certain processes and their patterns with mathematical models and to find out how certain factors affect output results of processes. E.g. mathematical models in marketing and sales can be applied to solve the following tasks:

  • Effectiveness analysis of online advertising if a purchase is made offline after several months of delay;
  • Finding a correlation between online and offline channels (e.g. predicting the number of visitors of a shopping center depending on digital advertising);
  • Predicting if an article of a media source will get into Google News and identifying contributing factors;
  • Forecasting traffic of the Olympic Games website based on the data about previous Games and taking into account differences in their scale;
  • Automated lead scoring.

Machine learning can also be utilized for other business processes, e.g. scoring applications of any types (loan request, mortgage, insurance, etc.).

Machine learning requires a certain data set that can be processed using special methods and given to the computer system to deduce patterns and regularities that lead to this or that output result. Basic algorithms include linear regression, logistic regression, least squares method, k-means, support vector machines and also direct, convolutional and recurrent neural networks.

WebProfiters analysts can solve any problems if required amount of data is provided. Our clients, who used our data analysis services, include such cases as:

  1. Modelling the number of visitors for the hugest department store in the city;
  2. Modelling the correlation between direct traffic and the quantity and types of advertising in the online cinema player;
  3. Modelling traffic of the Olympic Games website based on the previous Games.

We will be happy to apply our expertise to your particular business case. Machine learning and AI in business may be available to you right now. Leave a request, so that we could contact you and give you a free consultation on possible applications of artificial intelligence algorithms in your business.

Real cases of using mathematical models in business (we do not talk the talk, we actually walk the walk)
We know both how to build a data set from different sources into a unified repository and how to run data matching
We know a great number of machine learning algorithms for various business cases
We used machine learning and mathematical models “before it became mainstream”
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