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– A small leak will sink a great ship.
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To avoid unsuccessful SEO marketing efforts and the waste of budgets, it is crucial to make sure that your website is technically ready for search engine optimization. The most effective way to check if your website meets search engine standards is SEO audit service aimed at analyzing the quality of your promotion in search engines.

SEO audit of a website means analysis of the website structure, all individual pages and certain technical settings to see if they meet current search engine requirements (that are subject to constant change). In addition, your backlinks are analyzed and your competitors’ websites are audited according to a range of parameters capable of influencing your search engine ranking.

The main goal of this work is to increase your website visibility in search results for certain keywords relevant to your company’s profile and, consequently, to drive more traffic to your lead generation funnel.

The result of the SEO audit is a report on the quality of search engine optimization of your website. The report consists of three main parts:

  • The first part is for generic audience. It will provide your company members with complete information about SEO audit results and give a general picture of your current website state.
  • The second part is intended mostly for web designers, developers and webmasters. It usually contains technical texts and offers specific recommendations and examples of fixing issues found on the website and described in the first part of the report.
  • The third part is meant for managers and website owners who are not familiar with SEO, but who want to understand how completion of the tasks listed in the audit report will affect website performance. This part describes the results of fixing all issues in plain easy-to-understand language avoiding, whenever possible, technical jargon and industry terms.

Recommendations on resolving website issues include recommendations on:

  • Improving search engine indexing of your website;
  • Page code optimization;
  • Website structure and navigation;
  • Internal link ranking;
  • External link ranking;
  • Optimal server setup;
  • Website text optimization;
  • Optimizing commercial factors.

You can use the received SEO audit report:

  • To instruct your firm’s employees to implement our recommendations;
  • To send it to your current SEO agency for implementation;
  • To delegate our agency to find the most suitable contractor.
SEO audit is performed independently by Google Analytics certified consultants
SEO audit of each website is client-tailored and does not contain common recommendations
SEO audit by WebProfiters is more than just a report, it is a statement of work for website modernization
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