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In future, there will be two types of businesses:
those that are on the Internet, and those that are out of business.
– Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation

  • How do you design a website so that it provides the most targeted and marginal customers for the business?
  • How do you design a website so that it conveys the value of your product or service to visitors?
  • How do you design an effective customer acquisition tool without special technical and digital marketing knowledge?

Website consulting and customer journey design services are useful, above all, for “selling” websites — that is, for those websites whose goal is to convert visitors into buyers or leads.

Turning to a company that offers website design services, the client initially expects to get a website, which will represent the business in the most favorable way and urge visitors to make purchases, call and submit information requests. However, the majority of web UI design companies do not employ their own marketing specialists who could take part in designing a website on the contractor’s side and take into account the full scale of business goals and individual specifics of customer journey.

At the same time, staff marketing specialists of client companies usually have poor understanding of internet marketing (e.g. they cannot define targeted customer actions on website relying only on simple “Contact us” forms which aren’t generating enough leads, do not necessarily possess up-to-date knowledge of web analytics, website usability and SEO technologies.

AHA-moment and value communication in website design

Our website consulting firm designs websites that cater to the needs of the business and are online promotion-oriented. The main difference between our approach and standard design techniques is our attempt to capture the so-called aha-moment, which is the moment when a visitor reaches the best disposition to submit a proposal request or place an order. Consequently, all further design is based upon the point of the website where the aha-moment should happen.

WebProfiters website consulting company also considers how far and in what way the website should reflect your product/service value and we use the most effective content to achieve this, e.g.:

  • Effective compelling texts optimized for search engines;
  • Financial value communication tools (ownership value calculator, non-decision cost calculation, etc.);
  • Photo and video content of optimal duration and format.

As the result of our work on website design, you will get:

  • Customer journey map that is connected with your website and other digital assets;
  • The structure of a new website optimized for visitors and search engine indexing;
  • Technical tasks (SoW) for designers of your future website;
  • Interface templates of main pages in the form of flowcharts of elements for future design;
  • Working logic and interface templates for USP value communication tools;
  • Scripts for photo or video content and a list of contractors to implement the suggested ideas;
  • Semantic kernel (a set of keywords for further website optimization);
  • Technical specifications of texts (or the text itself) optimized for search engines and visitors;
  • A list of contractors recommended for website design.

After completing the website design, we help our clients find the best implementation agency: we offer a choice of our partners (website design companies) whose performance quality we are confident of.

If our client suggests a contractor outside the list of our partners, we can audit the competence of the selected company. Our detachment from participants of the web development market guarantees an unbiased choice of the best possible implementer.

When the contractor is picked, we keep track of the website design progress, monitor the timings and participate in acceptance procedures.

Note: All the works described above can be fully repeated when designing a mobile application.

Design is created by Certified Google Analytics Consultants
Full set of tools to launch the website with higher conversion and carry out efficient advertising campaigns
Cost reduction: with our website consulting services the future design, ad campaigns and SEO can be easily implemented by the client’s team without additional assistance

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