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Website usability audit

A website usability audit helps you to:

  • increase website conversion rate;
  • cut customer acquisition cost;
  • increase website traffic.

In WebProfiters your website will be audited by certified Google Analytics professionals. They will analyze your website statistics and visitor behavior and will offer a comprehensive plan to enhance each webpage (in some cases, they will also prepare the specific interface layout) according to the audit findings.

What is a usability audit?

A usability audit is a specialized research that provides evaluation of a website convenience and visitor experience for the website owner. The purpose of the usability audit is to find website bottlenecks that impede conversion of visitors into leads or purchases.

The usability audit in WebProfiters implies:

  • assessment of website pages and services (how convenient is it to order products? is on-site search well-organized? does the website motivate the visitor to leave contact information?);
  • assessment of website navigation (organization of service pages, categories, logic of the navigation menu structure);
  • assessment of content (does the design interfere with looking through the website? are text and graphics boxes arranged appropriately? how well is the technical aspect of interior page layouts thought out?);
  • assessment of website articles and their quality (are they informative and persuasive? are they styled properly? are headlines appealing?);
  • assessment of the client aspect (is the ordering form organized correctly? are order processing scripts functional? is contact information easily accessible/inaccessible?);

What do you get?

A usability audit is one of the most effective methods to identify online project issues that prevent conversion rate growth. Our experts will use their vast experience in usability and customer experience to assess objectively how well the marketing component of a specific website is expressed.

This method helps to deal with the following issues:

  • identify what impedes sales growth rates;
  • find out main troubles of user interaction with the website and its main elements;
  • understand what parts of the website get or don’t get visitors’ attention;
  • get a clear picture of flaws and mistakes of the website design, articles and general content structure.

Our experts will help you to answer the following questions:

  1. Why are there many website visitors, but few clients?
  2. Is it easy to find required information?
  3. How correctly do services function?
  4. How can you increase the efficiency of this particular resource?
  5. Why do users view a small number of pages?
  6. Which pages are confusing and repel visitors?

As a result of the usability analysis of your website, you will receive a report offering detailed well-grounded recommendations on website modernization together with layouts of re-designed pages. We are also ready to provide our web developers’ assistance in implementing all given recommendations on a turnkey basis and to track the implementation effectiveness.

The time that a usability audit by our specialists will take is calculated for each project individually, as it depends on many factors: website size and content, industry peculiarities, etc. The average time from start till a finished report is 2-4 weeks.

Independent analysis by an agency that does not sell advertising and does not produce websitesvx
Consulting services by certified Google Analytics professionalsvx
Audit recommendations can be implemented on a turnkey basis by our software developersvx
We are ready to perform audit on a pay-on-result basisvx

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