Projects Boos Lighting Group 

Boos Lighting Group holding is the leading domestic company in the lighting engineering market. The holding comprises the managing company, Svetoservis group of companies, Galad, Opora Engineering, BL Trade and many other companies.

The main goal of this project was to create an updated online presence strategy for the holding. The holding manages over 15 websites, which present its various services and activity areas. The task of the project was to structure the customer journey between these 15 websites, to modernize the websites to improve their effectiveness, and to prepare them for traffic acquisition. After a comprehensive audit of each website, we identified audience preferences, found website weak points, and offered recommendations on website effectiveness improvement. Together with recommendations on modernization for each of the websites, we developed a coordinated traffic acquisition strategy for the group of the holding’s 15 websites, which used the whole range of online advertising channels. Suggested recommendations enabled the company to implement modernization of its websites and, most importantly, to continue acquiring further traffic independently, with the help of provided training, reducing online advertising costs and increasing its effectiveness.

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