Projects DTV(Daryal TV) 
Services for the project:

AARRR-based website audit

A major TV company, part of CTC Media, a transnational media holding company.

The goal of the project for DTV was to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and the website. For a project of this type, the first step was to create a project KPI system based on targeted visitor actions (watching videos, registering, watching programs, etc.) and then to set goals in the statistics counter. When the goals were set, DTV team started receiving data on efficiency of website traffic sources in the context of these goals. One of the important tasks that had to be monitored with the counter was obtaining information on the viewing time for teaser trailers (to optimize the average duration of a teaser for the website). A crucial point of the project implementation was creating a link between the economic status of visitors and goals on the website. To do that, we identified the revenue that DTV received from one viewer and equated it with the registration goal; that allowed us to track the economic effect of the website (the number of visitors -> the number of registrations -> DTV’s revenue) and compare it with advertising costs. In this way, DTV can use Google Analytics to track ROI of its marketing campaigns.


Client’s review

We are grateful to the experts of WebProfiters for their professional approach to solving our tasks. We would also like to emphasize that the solution was found quite quickly, and we were offered a truly individual approach. We recommend WebProfiters as professional and reliable partners in the field of web analytics.

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