Projects Incom Real Estate 

A leading Russian real estate company and one of the largest investment and development holding companies of full cycle, employing thousands of people.

The tasks of the project included:

  • Consulting on moving websites for certain areas of activity (development, real estate, manufacture) to the common domain,, and keeping its positions in search engines;
  • Introducing Google Analytics system to the company’s website and setting it up according to the company’s goals.

As part of the project, the following recommendations were offered:

  • Recommendations on moving webpages for certain areas of activity; the implementation of these recommendations helped to keep search traffic. After the launch of the updated website, we used Google Analytics to track effectiveness of the website and advertising campaigns.
  • Recommendations on conversion rate optimization; in particular, recommendations referred to changes of the main page, pages of main sections and main landing pages preparing them for advertisements.

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