Projects Renaissance Credit 

One of the largest international lending organizations, offering worldwide banking services.

Our tasks were to provide client’s employees with consultations on web analysis based on the Google Analytics counter added to the company website, to assist in its reconfiguration to collect data on inbound traffic effectively, to compare post-campaign report by the media advertising agency with Google Analytics data, and to arbitrate performance results of the advertising agency.

Our further task was to increase the effectiveness of search advertising for bank deposits in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords. It was necessary to achieve significant growth in effectiveness of search ads keeping within the given budget.

After our recommendations on search advertising optimization were implemented:

  • the average cost-per-click decreased from 1.15 c.u. to 0.87 c.u. within 2 months;
  • the bounce rate for search ads fell from 57.02% to 49.37%;
  • the average cost per interested visitor decreased from 2.68 c.u. to 1.72 c.u.

The total increase of search advertising effectiveness was 56.7%.

Client’s review

“Working on the project, experts of WebProfiters proved to be high-level professionals, dealing quickly and efficiently with assigned tasks. We recommend WebProfiters as a reliable competent partner in the field of web analytics and digital marketing”.

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