Prices and customer service 

Prices and customer service

Pricing policy

  • Price calculation is individual for each project. Pricing is cost-based and depends on the amount of hours that our specialists will spend on completing the project.
  • Minimum price per hour we work with is120 USD. 
  • The final cost is result-based. We often use a bonus system.

Customer service

Each client is assigned a personal consultant who manages the project, monitors its development and ensures that all works are performed according to the schedule, in required quantity and with due quality.

We keep the number of clients per consultant low, so that we can offer only best-quality service and customer care to our clients.

As a result of this policy, we can provide service only to a limited number of clients in order to maintain the highest quality of work and truly customer-focused approach.

You will receive only what you need. In other words, you will be offered only those services that will be of real benefit for you.


No doubt, you can find companies that will charge a lower price. But they will not be able to offer the same level of service quality because they have less experience.

At WebProfiters, we are proud of our vast expertise and rich hands-on experience that allow us to offer our clients the highest level of service and guarantees.

Independent agency

  • WebProfiters is an independent agency that does not sell advertising, which confirms the objectivity of our website and advertising effectiveness analysis.

Highest quality

  • Certified Google Analytics Partner;
  • Each project is a client-tailored solution;
  • Unique know-how for sales rates growth;
  • We aim not just to formally fulfil the contract terms, but to achieve business goals of our clients.

Client-focused service

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